Glenn Beck Slams Donald Trump For Joking About Killing Journalists

Beck: "I Think That This Guy Is Such A Narcissist That It Spells Trouble When You Give Him This Much Power"


From the January 25 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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MEGYN KELLY (HOST): So, what do you envision? I mean, If Donald Trump wins this nomination and, in fact, could win the presidency, what do you envision? 

GLENN BECK: Let me ask you a question. Megyn, have you ever heard anyone talk about his supporters, or talk about -- to say, "I can go on 5th Avenue and shoot people and my supporters are not going to, they're not going to  move." Does that bother you as a journalist? 

KELLY: That was a new one. 

BECK: Okay. When he said a month ago, you know, "Who is it that Putin has shot? They say that he's shot all these journalists, but you know, I'd never shoot journalists." Even though I hate -- 

KELLY: What he said to Joe Scarborough was "Our country's killed a lot of people, too."

BECK: No, no, he actually said from the stage, "I'll never kill a journalist. Well, no, I'd never kill a journalist." He says he was joking and I think that he was joking, but do you really think that that's appropriate to joke? I mean, I think this guy is such a narcissist that it spells trouble when you give him this much power. But again, saying these things -- I have nothing to gain and everything to lose, this guy black balls and plays hard ball. I get it. I'm a big boy. I can take all the punches and look at me, I mean there's lots of things to make fun of. 


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