Even Fox's Brian Kilmeade Slammed The NRA Lobbyist Who Skipped Obama's Town Hall On Gun Violence

Kilmeade: Top NRA Lobbyist Chris Cox Was On Megyn Kelly's Show Last Night But Has Repeatedly Turned Down Chances To Meet With Obama On Gun Violence


From the January 8 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY: So give the credit to having different points of view but then at the same time, you know you would like to hear from the NRA but they really stacked the deck against the NRA. And the president went after the NRA. So we've got the president followed by somebody by the NRA who makes the observation why they were not there last night. 


BRIAN KILMEADE: I understand that. But Chris Cox, I believe, should have shown up anyway. The guy ... and was on Megyn Kelly last night -- If you have a chance to sit there in front of a national audience and give your point of view after getting beaten up for the last four years by the president, who is going to be leaving in a year, you got to take it. Number two is, he also--

DOOCY: Yeah but if you only get to ask one question. 

KILMEADE: You're right, but he could say that right in the open. First off, I got to say, I'm here anyway, but you told me one question and it's pre-screened. Message taken and given. He's also very good, so Chris Cox is not somebody who's going to be overwhelmed easy. The other thing is, Chris Cox says he's been invited to the Oval Office to talk about this. Of course you're not going to agree with the president. You've got to go. Show up. Give your point of view and run to a camera and tell us how the president was or wasn't listening. 

SANDRA SMITH: Fair point. And I wish we could get Taya Kyle here today on the couch. 


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