Rush Pines For Robber Baron Era

Limbaugh: "[R]obber Barons, Who Did They Steal From? The Government Is Who Steals. They Didn't Steal From Anybody"


From the December 12 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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LIMBAUGH: You can't become a robber baron today because of the tax code. You cannot become as big as those people were. The income tax would stop you dead in your tracks.


You ever been to Newport, Rhode Island and seen the Vanderbilt home they lived in six weeks a year? The Breakers? These people -- Vanderbilts of course were the railroad -- don't mention them to the Chinese, by the way. The Vanderbilts built the railroad. And when it was time to go to Newport for the season, they would load the silverware and everything they had in the New York mansion on a train and load it up to the -- for six weeks, and then take it back, wherever they were going. It was just -- it was incredible. It was all born of the legitimate creation of wealth. These people invented, created, built, manufactured. J.P. Morgan did it with debt, but that still is a legitimate enterprise. Well, average person, the income tax would stop you. Most people. Nobody is going to get wealthy like that working for somebody else, is my only point. You've got to start your own business.


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