Crowley Cites Stats Showing Govt. Regulation Not A Top Business Concern, Asks McConnell, "Are You Focusing On The Wrong Problem?"


From the October 23 edition of CNN's State of the Union:

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CANDY CROWLEY (host): Let me show you -- because I know that Republicans have always said, and continue to say, that regulation is stifling business, stifling jobs growth. But there are a couple of figures out there that we found from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. One of them is when -- on the reasons for initial unemployment claims, this is for the first and the second quarter, government regulation, a little over 2,000 claims for unemployment were blamed on government regulation. Insufficient demand, 55,000. The National Federation of Independent Businesses did a survey. They asked small business owners, the very people you're talking to, what's the single most important problem? They said poor sales. Government regulation was at 18 percent, taxes was at 18 percent. Poor sales, 28 percent of people said that's what the problem is. So are you focusing on the wrong problem?


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