Joy Behar Calls Out Fox's Keith Ablow For His Transphobic Ranting Against Chaz Bono


From the September 8 edition of ABC's The View:

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GOLDBERG: One of the things that we're finding with Dancing with the Stars is this huge controversy, and it seems to be centered around Chaz Bono who is getting boycotted and death threats for going into the competition.

BEHAR: At least he's not getting girl-cotted.

HASSELBACK: This is what I find funny.

SHEPHERD: He's getting death threats? Death threats?

HASSELBACK: I didn't see that one coming at all.

BEHAR: Because some of these shrinks, this guy Keith Ablow or somebody on Fox is saying that kids are going to want to be transsexuals if they watch him dance.

HASSELBACK: The boycott is going to go something like this

GOLDBERG: I would like to go to this point, because if your child is four or five and they're a fan of Dancing with the Stars, they're not going to know there's anything different about Chaz unless you tell them.

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