Fox's Eric Bolling Dismisses Impact Of Breaking Up Families By Deportation: "They're Illegals"


From the August 19 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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BOB BECKEL: Listen - Barack Obama's administration has deported more illegal immigrants than all other administrations in history combined; one. Two, in the course of that aggressive action, they have picked up people who are not supposed to be deported. For example, children who were born in this country. Whether you like that or not, you have to change the Constitution. The other thing is--

ERIC BOLLING: That's not part of this though. That one isn't part of it.

BECKEL: Yes it is.

BOLLING: No, no. It's the parents of the children.

BECKEL: Well what are you going to do, break up a family?

BOLLING: Uh, it's - it's - they're illegals.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE: Well they're not picking up children in kindergarten and just kicking them out.

BECKEL: And the other thing is, there are in this group - something you always talk about, and I'm proud of, too - there's a lot of military guys, who are illegals, who are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.

BOLLING: What about, Ange, it feels to me like: look, you broke the law, you're here, you're caught, you've got to go home?


Discussing "Illegals," Bolling Claimed: "This Isn't About Race"

Why does Fox choose to use loaded term "illegals"?

Fox's Eric Bolling's Race Problem

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