Kilmeade Embraces Suggestion That Afghanistan Withdrawal Could Lead To Another Terrorist Attack*

Kilmeade Embraces Suggestion That Afghanistan Withdrawal Could Lead To Another Terrorist Attack*


From the June 20 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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State Of The Union With Candy Crowley: An Interview With Robert Gates

*CLARIFICATION: The headline of this clip originally stated that Fox News host Brian Kilmeade "falsely suggests that the U.S. leaving Iraq in 1989 Caused 9/11 Attacks." In the segment, Kilmeade introduced a clip of Defense Secretary Robert Gates' appearance on the June 19 edition of CNN's State of the Union with Candy Crowley. In the clip that Fox aired, Gates said:

GATES: I know the American people are tired of war. But, look, the reality is the United States had a very limited commitment in Afghanistan until well into 2008. And we did not have the right strategy and the right resources for this conflict and a lot of resources, those needed to do the job, until the late summer of 2010. [...] But the reality is we won the first Afghan war in 2001, 2002. We were diverted by Iraq, and we basically neglected Afghanistan for several years.

After airing the clip, Kilmeade said: "He also says, 'the price of failure, remember we left in 1989 and remember what happened on 9-11. That's the price of failure,'" which appeared to suggest Kilmeade was tying Iraq to the terrorist attacks of September 11. Later in the broadcast, Kilmeade made clear that he was referencing remarks Gates made during a different June 19 interview on Fox News Sunday, in which Gates said: "[W]hat's the cost of failure? What was cost of 9/11 because we left Afghanistan in 1989? How much money have we spent since 9/11 trying to deal with that problem?" Kilmeade did not reference Gates' Fox News Sunday interview in the initial segment. Media Matters regrets the confusion.

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