Buchanan: Evangelicals Would Support "Romney, Who's A Mormon" Over "Barack Hussein Obama, Who's An African American Of The Left"


From the June 5 edition of The McLaughlin Group:

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MCLAUGHLIN: Question: Will their Mormon faith prevent Romney and Huntsman from winning the presidency? I ask you, Pat.

BUCHANAN: My answer to that is no. If Romney wins New Hampshire, John, and he goes into Michigan and goes into Nevada and does well, he'll have a fighting shot, I think, at winning the nomination. The concentration of opposition to Mormons is among evangelical and fundamentalist Christians who are heavily concentrated in the South in the Bible belt. It is an impediment, and was an impediment four years ago, to Romney in terms of winning the Republican nomination. But if he gets that nomination, and then you've got a race between Mitt Romney, who is a Mormon, and Barack Hussein Obama, who is an African American of the left, evangelicals and fundamentalist, I think, in the South will go strongly for Romney.


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