Limbaugh: Obama Is Treating Troops Like Slaves And Is More Like Jefferson Davis Than President Lincoln

Limbaugh: Obama Is Treating Troops Like Slaves And Is More Like Jefferson Davis Than President Lincoln


From the April 8 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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LIMBAUGH: Let's go to the phones. Where are we gonna start? Theo in Woodside, California. Great to have you on the EIB Network. You are up first.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I'm a little nervous, so you'll have to bear with me.

LIMBAUGH: All right. I'll be happy to.

CALLER: Oh, thanks. I wanted to just make a comment about Harry Reid's argument and -- if we have a government health care plan, then why do we need Planned Parenthood for women's health?

LIMBAUGH: Well, that's a great point. That's redundancy. If the Obamacare fails to get the abortion done, Planned Parenthood can come in and finish it.

CALLER: But if Harry Reid's arguing that we need it for women's health, for cancer screenings and all these various health things, isn't that what the government health plan will be doing?

LIMBAUGH: Yeah, I know. Nobody's cutting cancer screenings here. That's just a -- it's every bit the smoke screen that Senator Schumer suggesting that the Republicans want to cut women's health services. It's all a smoke screen. You are exactly right. You are very perceptive.

CALLER: Well, thanks.

LIMBAUGH: You're very, very shrewd. You are exactly right. There's absolutely -- we've got Obamacare out there. There's no way any of these alle -- it was like Jesse Jackson says, this is a return to the Civil War. Have you heard that?

I have a -- Theo, thanks for the call. If the troops are not paid by their commander in chief -- I have a question. If the troops still engage in battle, if they go to war and they execute the orders issued by their commanders, if the troops are thus not paid by their commander in chief, are they his slaves? What would you call it? Can those serving in the military just walk off the job? I don't think so. So if Obama does not sign the bill to pay his troops, then it sounds sort of like forced labor to me. I mean, it's one thing, folks -- and we can all agree on this -- it's one thing to have to pick cotton. But to be forced to risk your life overseas without being paid, that's the worst kind of forced labor to me. Are you kidding me? How can the president of the United States, on the eve of the anniversary of the Civil War, the 150th anniversary, threaten to withhold payment to Americans who not only risk their lives for their country but are required by law to serve or face court martial after they volunteered? I believe desertion in wartime is still a capital offense. But if these wars are just kinetic military operations, maybe an unpaid warrior who walks off the job only gets jail time. Because we're not at war -- the regime won't say so. These are kinetic military actions.

But I think the Reverend Jackson might want to rethink his Civil War analogy. I mean, it's getting ludicrous. Eleanor Holmes Norton claiming this is the same thing as bombing innocent civilians. Jesse Jackson says the government shutdown would be a return to the Civil War. If the president refuses to fund the troops, if the commander in chief refuses to pay the troops -- and congressman Jim Moran in Virginia tells a voter who wants to know why the troops aren't being paid to shut up and sit down, and if these guys expect these troops to stay on the job, it sure sounds like Obama has more in common with President Jefferson Davis than he does with President Lincoln. We'll be back, don't go away.

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