Beck: Obama Is "Not With The Terrorists, I'm Not Saying That, But He Is Sympathetic To Their Cause"


From the March 17 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Program:

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GLENN BECK: The Japanese government has no plans to expand the 12 mile evacuation zone. Meanwhile, we're loading up all of the diplomats from the State Department and getting out of there. Also something that I'm going to do tonight, I'm going to give the speech that the President should give in the Oval Office that he hasn't, and I don't know why. Our donations are way, way down for Japan. I don't see Hollywood mobilizing. So, we will. The speech from my Oval Office, tonight. It's amazing what's going on, and I don't really understand why yet I haven't figured it out yet.

There's another story that is very disturbing. And this just came in, it's an alert from the Wall Street Journal. The Obama Administration is seeking an United Nations security resolution that would authorize a wide range of possible military strikes against the forces of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. It is aimed at preventing them from overrunning the rebels and civilians in the country's east. In discussions with other Security Council members, the Obama administration is making the case that a no-fly zone is not enough. It would be insufficient to save the rebel capital in Eastern Libya. So the U.S. is seeking a broad UN authorization for strikes aimed at holding back Libyan ground and air forces with the aim of protecting the rebel capital and avoiding a humanitarian crisis there. Military operations could include a no-fly zone but wouldn't be limited to that.

Holy cow. What does this mean? You know we've been saying that - where is the President on Libya? Tonight, I lay out the case, and it's not a smoking gun, and it's not an open and shut case, but it is something that I haven't found the right people yet, or the right evidence to link it all together, but I can feel it, that there's something wrong with this Libyan thing. We were talking about it this morning, Pat. That the time to have a no-fly zone is not now.

PAT GRAY: Yeah, right at the beginning. Right at the beginning. Seriously, I mean, it's progressed way too far just to do a no-fly zone.

BECK: Now it's going to be a civil war. Now, now, this would be - think of this America, this would be the third country that America has ground forces or air forces or sea, that is in battle and engaged in a Muslim country. That's insanity.

GRAY: Mmhmm.

BECK: And the time to support the rebels was at the very beginning when the momentum was there. There's no momentum now. The momentum is the other way. I'm not saying we don't do something to protect these people, but I'll tell you, it's very disturbing to me that our military could be engaged in yet another war in the Middle East.

GRAY: I think if you would have done this at the beginning, you would have been far less likely to have any kind of confrontation. You remember 1989 when we had that little run-in with the MiGs, the Libyan MiGs? And our -

BECK: - our guys

GRAY: Our F-14 tomcats took 'em down.

BECK: Yeah.

GRAY: And there was not a peep out of Libya for the next 20 years. Libya didn't make a sound. Well -

BECK: Yeah. [unintelligible]

GRAY: I mean, they had the couple terrorist activities. But, for the most part, Moammar Gadhafi was pretty quiet after that point.

BECK: Oh yeah. We were bombing his tent.

GRAY: Yeah.

BECK: There's no - there's, I mean, now, this is the problem with this president, it's the same thing. Look at his pattern, the BP oil spill. This is the thing that bothers me. And it's always patterns. The BP oil spill - we all know he used that to his advantage - never let a good crisis go to waste. And so what did he do? He wasn't there - he was engaged, of course he talked about it, but he wasn't engaged. Until it started getting out of control, and all of us were saying, where is the government?

GRAY: Mmhmm.

BECK: Where is the president on this? And he was strangely absent.

GRAY: Hasn't it been like that with every crisis -

BECK: Everything. Every crisis.

GRAY: The Fort Hood - the Fort Hood shooting. He wasn't really out front with that, and that was, you know, 13 U.S. soldiers being killed on their base. And then when he finally did make the statement, he comes out and talks about the - the Indian medicine man first -

BECK: Right. OK.

GRAY: - for two minutes before he even got around to the mention.

BECK: But here is - here is the point on that. I believe that's because he just sees us as the oppressor nation. He just sees us as a nation who is and has oppressed the Native Americans and, and the Muslim communities around the world. And so he's - he's - he's not with the terrorists, I'm not saying that, but he is sympathetic to their cause, which slows people down. You know what I mean?


BECK: You agree with that or disagree with that?

GRAY: Well, I don't know if sympathetic to the cause is the right -

BECK: Sym -

GRAY: - phrase.

BECK: Sym - oh, uh - wait a minute, I'm not saying that he's sympathetic with people blowing people up.

GRAY: Yeah.

BECK: I'm saying -

GRAY: I just wanted to make sure -

BECK: Yeah, yeah.

GRAY: - that people know that you're not saying that.

BECK: He's sympathetic, he's sympathetic [unintelligible]

GRAY: Well I think he sympathizes that America has done some bad things -

BECK: Yeah.

GRAY: And, and so - [unintelligible]

BECK: The Palestinian plight.

GRAY: Yes.

BECK: The Palestinian plight - only like 23 percent of Americans agree with the Palestinians. But he is, I believe, he's probably one of the 23 percent.

GRAY: Well, his pastor said it best, didn't he, when he said America's chickens have come home to roost.

BECK: Yes.

GRAY: Maybe he has a little of that sentiment -

BECK: Yes.

GRAY: - I don't know.

BECK: Yes, yes. I'm not saying that he's in league with the terrorists, I'm not saying that he agrees with bombings like that. But he is slower to react because he is a guy who is sympathetic to something that most Americans are not. We don't - he has said it himself over and over, I'm tired of Muslim-Americans being rounded up in the middle of the night. That's never happened. And if it has, show it to me, Mr. President because I will be with you on that. I agree with you that that shouldn't happen. So show me the evidence, and I will stand with you.

But what's disturbing about the BP oil crisis is it worked to his favor, it worked to his advantage by leaving it go for a while and not capping it, he had to have a massive disaster to be able to do what he did. Now is this what's happening in Libya? Because the time for that, I mean, even France is leading this. Nobody, is - and the people are crying out, America. And everybody knows we're the only one that can do it. We have the carriers right there. I've been on the aircraft carriers in the fifth fleet - 90 miles off the coast of Libya. We have them. We can do it. But the time to do it was when we had momentum and now, what're we gonna - we have more troops going someplace? The possibility of it? We're going to engage people with our military? What're - what - we're going to get involved in another war? What are you, out of your mind? It doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense.

And here's the other thing that I just want to share with those who think that the workers of the world can unite. What is happening in the world right now is exactly what happened in the 1920s and early 1930s in Europe, and it is the communists, and the socialists, and the Marxists that believe in one global order, and they believe that if the workers will unite - I mean, the people who took out the permit for the unions for the American Dream Act in Washington D.C., they say it clearly on their own website, the International Socialist Organization, that they believe that only the workers uniting will actually cause the revolution to happen.

Well here's where they go wrong. If you look at what's happening in Japan right now and you look at the spike of the yen, that is because people love their country and they are selling their stuff, and they are getting out of gold or whatever it is, and they are buying their own dollar, their yen, and they are going to invest it in their own country. When the whole world melts down, when America begins to fall on real hard times - and I mean, I - I hope I'm discredited on this, but I believe it's coming. And when we fall on real hard times, they will say workers of the world unite, and they will unite all of the workers, but at some point the unions - the union workers will say, wait a minute, how are you going to balance the world, you're giving our jobs to India, or Mexico, or whatever. And people become nationalists, that's what's happening in Japan. There's no - I'm not saying it's communist or anything else, I'm just talking about the yen - they're becoming nationalists. We did it after 9/11. We protect our own countries.

And that's what the Soviet Union, that's where Lenin and Marx and Stalin all went wrong - is they think they can unite the whole world with the workers. But the first step where it starts to go wrong is people start to protect themselves and their own communities that they understand as communities. And the world does not accept this global order, it doesn't, and when things get better in India or jobs go to India instead of here, they will not listen to a socialist saying, "workers of the world, unite" what they will listen to is a national socialist, somebody who says take care of America first, workers, you're already unionized, you're already together right? It's them that is the problem, and they become national socialists, not international socialists. International socialism will not work, and it will turn the world to national socialism, which is the Nazi regime.

I don't know how people don't understand the logic of this, but it is true, and it happens the same way every time, and governments, and they, the, governments, or the people, that the radicals, they use the youth - which is happening, and they also use giant corporations. And they get giant corporations, some of them willingly, and some of them just acquiesce because they say, I'll just get, 'cause they'll let me survive, and I'll be part of the survivors. You do not want to be part of those survivors, because in the end, they do not survive, because they always end the same way, always. Whether it's Mao, Stalin, Hitler, or Mussolini, they always end the same way.

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