Kilmeade Suggests "Anchor Babies" Is The Standard Term For Children Of "Illegal Immigrants"


From the February 23 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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KILMEADE: The Arizona Senate Appropriations Committee has just passed a bill denying citizenship to children born to illegal immigrants in the United States. I sense a blowback. The Birth Right Citizenship Bill now moves to Arizona's full senate. Supporters of the measure say "anchor babies," the term used to describe newborns whose parents are illegal immigrants, are a drain on Arizona's already strained social services and resources. Republicans are hoping the law will lead to a review of the 14th amendment by the Supreme Court.


Carlson highlights opposition to "anchor babies," say opponents "challenge the way" 14th Amendment is "interpreted"

Ample evidence contradicts Murdoch's claim that "we are not anti-immigrant on Fox News"

Fox calls 14th Amendment "the anchor baby amendment"

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