Beck Calls NGOs "Nasty Little Organizations" And Implicates Them In His Conspiracy Theory About A New World Order


From the February 18 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Program:

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BECK: There's a couple of things that you need to know about. First of all, the White House has issued an executive order. It came out right before Christmas. We just found it. The executive order -- the White House Council for Community Solutions.

Now, I want you to understand why I believe the community organizing thing must never be mocked again. What is happening around the world is community organizing.

And if you look at it -- last night's TV show -- I started with the chalkboard, and I said, "There are three directions the world is being pushed." The first one -- and I had the U.N. flag -- is a New World Order based on the collective of nations.

And you can say it's through the United Nations, or you can say it's through George Soros, who wants a borderless world which is basically run though, I don't know, the United Nations, or -- who knows?

But it's called an open society. That is not just a phrase, that it's like, "Oh, we all want an open society." No, no, no. This is an actual system of government. It's like a republic. This is an open society. That's what it's called.

And that would put under a banner of like the United Nations. They are well funded. They have many politicians in their pocket. They have many constitutions that are already recognizing the United Nations as a world power.

You have what are called NGOs. NGOs are these really nasty little organizations, non-government organizations, non-governmental organizations. And that is like, you know -- just pulling something out of the air -- Hezbollah can say, "I want to become a nongovernmental organization."

And they have all their little special interests, and they actually sit in place for the government of wherever they're from in meetings for the United Nations, and they work all of their magic. Well funded and organized to have one-world government under the United Nations flag.


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