Limbaugh Says He Tried To Transcribe Chinese President's Remarks "Phonetically," Again Mocks Chinese Speech

Limbaugh Says He Tried To Transcribe Chinese President's Remarks "Phonetically," Again Mocks Chinese Speech


From the January 19 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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LIMBAUGH: Hi, and welcome back. Rush Limbaugh.

I have to admit I'm amused by this. Probably very few other people are, but I am. During our obscene profit timeout, I'm watching the news conference between President Obama and Chinese ChiCom leader Hu Jintao, and I've not seen this before. Hu Jintao is speaking, speaking and speaking with no translator. They wait till he finishes, and then they read what he said in toto.

And of course, we don't know. The translator could be making it all up. Hu Jintao could be -- he could be telling us -- who knows what he could be saying to us?

The translator is saying [speaks with accent]: "We want to work together, two countries in the world. China is developing country. America, developed country -- but not for long."

He didn't say that. But I'm fascinated. I'm listening to this -- I found myself trying to write down what Hu Jintao was saying in Chinese. Phonetically, so I could repeat it to you.

Well, it's a -- it looks like chicken scrawls. I said, "I wonder what -- I wonder to people who can't speak English, what does it sound like to them?" Because when I hear Chinese or Japanese, it sounds like all the same word. And I can't comprehend of anybody understanding it. But of course, that's silly.

But he's sitting there, [mocks Chinese speech].

And I couldn't write down anymore. I was losing track of -- because I'm looking up as he's saying all this, and they cut to Obama looking intently as though he understands every word of it, which -- what would you expect from the ruling class?


Limbaugh Mocks Chinese President's Untranslated Speech

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