Limbaugh Compares Conservatives Criticized Over Violent Rhetoric To Rape Victims


From the January 11 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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Ladies and gentlemen, NBC Eyeball News Chicago, NBC TV affiliate, Rahm Emanuel is saying the Giffords shooting is not a crisis to exploit. I have the weblink; I'll send it up to Cookie here in just a moment. We'll actually hear this being stated.

Mark Halperin, Time magazine, blamed the anger of the right wing commentariat, and he included George Will, for the controversy started when CNN and other media outlets began tying the shooting in Arizona to Sarah Palin and the tea party activists. Mark Halperin, Time magazine.

Now it was pointed out to Mark Halperin that conservatives, Sarah Palin, were the ones who got smeared, not the other way around. And Halperin said, well they should have just turned the other cheek and stopped defending themselves, and they would have shut this thing all down. So yeah, just, that's what they used to tell women who were raped, wasn't it? Just sit back and enjoy it, put some ice on it, like Clinton said, put some ice on the lip, you asked for it, your dress asked for it, just sit back and enjoy it. Isn't that how they used to tell raped women to deal with it?

So now Mark Halperin, Time magazine, just you know, turn the other cheek, and it'll all go away, you just sustain this if you fight back. And Robert, I'm sorry, Patrick Kennedy, who lost two uncles to assassins' bullets, says there's an obvious connection between the violent rhetoric of today's politics and the massacre in Tucson. He says when Sarah Palin puts targets on people's districts or you have 10,000 signs on the mall during the health care battle saying "Bury Obamacare with Kennedy"--first, I would like to see some proof that there were 10,000 signs. But it says here in Politico that Saturday's tragedy touches on both elements of Kennedy's new mission in life: helping somebody after they've been afflicted by a brain injury, and ensuring universal access to mental health services.

Mr. Kennedy, your uncle was shot by a communist, Lee Harvey Oswold. Your other uncle, Robert Kennedy, was shot by a militant Islamist, Sirhan Sirhan. In neither case, were your uncle's assassins related to Sarah Palin in any way.

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