Hannity channels Limbaugh: "I don't want [Obama's] policies to succeed ... I want him to be a one term president"


From the October 26 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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Limbaugh: "The dirty little secret ... is that every Republican in this country wants Obama to fail, but none of them have the guts to say so; I am willing to say it"

Limbaugh's current take on his "I hope he fails" statement: "I hope he fails implementing socialist" policies

HANNITY: I remember when I interviewed Rush at the beginning of the Obama presidency. And he said, "I want him to fail." And it made all that news. You know what, I don't want his policies to succeed. I want him out of -- I want him to be a one term president because he's doing so much damage with his failed socialist policies here.

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