Rush: "[T]here is no equality" because "[s]ome people are just born to be slaves," while others are "self-starters"


From the October 8 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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LIMBAUGH: This is a tough thing to say, because a lot of people don't want to hear this, because it goes against everybody's desire that we all be the same, that there be no pain in life and that there be no suffering and that everybody do well and that everybody have what they want and so forth.

But there is no equality. You cannot guarantee that any two people will end up the same. And you can't legislate it, and you can't make it happen. You can try, under the guise of fairness and so forth, but some people are self-starters, and some people are born lazy. Some people are born victims. Some people are just born to be slaves. Some people are born to put up with somebody else making every decision for them.

Some people, on the other hand, are born and they're not going to take anything from anybody. They're going to be totally in charge of their lives. They're not going to sit around and wait for something. They're going to make it happen. You can see this throughout the American strata -- population.

Even in -- well, born and raised. I think both. I think born and raised.

But you can -- even in down economic times, there are people getting wealthy. In recessions and depressions, there are still people who are profiting from it.

Most people are not self-starters. Most people, if you ask them as adults -- think back. Who was the best teacher you ever had? They'll tell you -- it almost, without fail -- that there was somebody in their life that showed them that they were capable of much more than they thought they were capable of themselves. Because most people are not self-starters. Most people don't push themselves. They have to be pushed. To be shown.

Yeah, it was the toughest teacher, the one -- the hardest, the teacher that they probably didn't like compared to other teachers. But as they matured and got older, they realized that particular teacher showed them that they were capable of much, much more than they thought they were themselves.

It's just probably a matter of intelligent design. The vast majority of people are not self-starters. And in a way, it all works out. Because virtu-- everybody's needed for something.

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