Beck says 9-11 was a "wake-up call" from God

Beck says 9-11 was a "wake-up call" from God


From C-SPAN's coverage of Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally:

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GLENN BECK: The Lord will always send a people wake-up calls. And he has been sending us wake-up call, after wake-up call, after a wake-up call. And it has been through the Republicans and the Democrats. It's all of us. All of us.

He has been sending us wake-up calls, and you can send two kinds of wake-up calls. One through fear, like 9/11. Nine-eleven woke us up, and we stood shoulder-to-shoulder for a very short period of time. Politics didn't matter. Color didn't matter. It didn't matter if you were poor or if you were rich. We were Americans together. Beyond that, we were God's human creation standing together.

Glenn Beck
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