During ad for Goldline, Beck explains he buys coins because he's "paranoid" the government will seize bullion


From the July 16 broadcast of Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Program:

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BECK: First, our sponsor this half-hour is Goldline, at 866-465-9546, that's 866-GOLDLINE. Gold isn't right for everybody. I want you to do your own homework on this--please, call the competitors of Goldline. Call the competitors of Goldline, and then call Goldline back. Do your homework on things.

I buy gold the most expensive way you can buy gold. I buy it in these gold coins. They're old gold coins. The reason I buy it that was is because I'm just paranoid enough and I know history. I know the only thing that was left was gold that was art, jewelry or old gold coins when FDR seized all the gold. Are these gold coins going to be left, or are they going to seize everything this time? I don't know, but I'm learning from history and I'm trying to grab onto anything that will last. I'm going by what happened in--what was it--1935 or '36, whenever they seized the gold. But you've got to find out for yourself because it's a really expensive way to buy gold. You have to find out for yourself and you have to do your own homework and I ask you--I've asked you this for a long time--pray on it because it's not right for everybody. Gold. Goldline.com or 866-GOLDLINE.

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