Beck says New Black Panthers are part of Obama's "army of thugs"


From the July 9 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Program:

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Beck's spastic, spurious attempt to connect Obama to the New Black Panthers rests on falsehoods

Beck tries, fails to link Obama and Ogletree to New Black Panther Party

Beck accuses Obama of aligning himself with the New Black Panther Party

Beck: Media and Black Panthers -- coordinated through CAP or Van Jones -- are conspiring to disrupt 8-28 rally

Beck says it's just Black Panthers and "usual suspects" who are taking his 8/28 rally as an affront to MLK's legacy

Beck: Obama "wants to create a civilian army" of "community organizers ... more well-funded than the military"


BECK: No, you know what, I'll tell you Kathleen, I don't think that they will if you're talking about the Black Panthers. He has been with the Black Panthers for a very long time and they're not going to throw him under the bus. They're very effective at creating fear. These are just the more obvious purveyors of fear. When you have Andy Stern and SEIU saying, 'We know where you live, we know who you are.' That's a threat. You have radicals that are intimidators by nature in and around this White House. Rahm Emanuel is the least of the intimidators, but how does he get things done? He's a pit bull. He is an intimidator. He rips you apart until you can't take it anymore. He's intimidator-light with this White House. He's the traditional intimidator. You have ACORN intimidating the banks. You have SEIU intimidating everyone. Union thugs all the way down the road to the Weather Underground founders, to Code Pink, to the Black Panthers. This, I believe, is the beginning of that army that he talked out. Barack Obama said, you know, 'We're going to have a well-funded, civilian army.' This is it. He's got an army of thugs that he can distance himself from.

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