Limbaugh mocks Malia Obama, adds, "We've got a boy -- We've got a child here playing president"

Limbaugh mocks Malia Obama, adds, "We've got a boy -- We've got a child here playing president"


From the June 16 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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LIMBAUGH: So, this morning Barack Obama wakes up, heads into the bathroom and starts shaving. The door opens. A little daughter comes in.

"Daddy, daddy, did you shake down BP yet daddy? Are you going to make 'em pay, daddy? Are you going to make BP pay? Did you plug the hole yet daddy? Daddy, did you plug the hole? Daddy, who's in charge of the Gulf oil spill? Daddy, daddy, what's your golf handicap today daddy? How's your golf game, daddy?

Man, oh man, oh man I thought I was watching the final episode of LOST last night, and I was just as confused by that speech as I was by the final episode of LOST. I couldn't figure that out. I'm watching a child last night! I'm sitting there, I'm watching this thing with Katherine, we're watching this and I got bored after ten minutes. I knew where it was going, I know what it was going to say. He looked small. The biggest thing on my screen last night was the ears! And I'm saying, my gosh, we've got a boy -- we've got a child here playing president. We have got an academic playing President of the United States, in a serious, serious time, during a serious, serious emergency. And we have somebody totally incompetent and unqualified to deal with any aspect of it, any aspect of the presidency period.


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