Beck complains that Purple Hearts are a progressive distortion of what George Washington intended


From the May 26 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Program:

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BECK: Today, we announced the first 15 minutes of the 8-28 event and the people that will join me on stage. We announced that we are going to start -- restart the badge of merit that George Washington gave his troops. It's what the Purple Heart is based on, except the progressives -- what a surprise -- in 1933 introduced the Purple Heart.

The Purple Heart was based on the badge of merit by George Washington. It had nothing to do with being wounded in action. It had everything to do with doing something of honor and integrity, something to -- something that -- where you really put your neck out and you did something of real merit, not just getting shot -- not that that's --

But he was trying to build people that understood honor and merit and integrity and God.


Beck says he will award "badges of merit" modeled after those created by George Washington

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