CNN's Cafferty dismisses concerns about AZ racial profiling: "Well, so what?"

Cafferty reads hateful emails bashing undocumented immigrants


From the April 20 broadcast of CNN's The Situation Room:

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CAFFERTY: The people of Arizona are fed up when it comes to illegal immigration -- and they ought to be. Almost 20 percent of those trying to enter the State of Arizona illegally from Mexico come with a criminal record. It's one reason why Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl are calling for 3,000 National Guard troops to be deployed to Arizona's border with Mexico. They also want funding for an additional 3,000 U.S. Customs and Border agents, a double row border fence, increased mobile surveillance and hardship duty pay for Border Patrol agents.

But that's not the only reason -- at least for John McCain.

Can you tell that he might be in danger of losing his Senate seat this November?

Where have all these clowns in Washington been on this issue since 9/11?

Virtually nothing has been done to secure this nation's borders, because Democrats want the Mexican vote and Republican donors want the illegal aliens to work for them. President Obama insists that his administration is committed to securing the borders and has taken unprecedented steps over the past 14 months.

What a load.

The fact is it's unlikely anything will be done about illegal immigration because it's an election year, for the reasons laid out above.

But Arizona is taking measures into its own hands. The state senate has passed a tough new immigration law that will force police to arrest people who can't prove they're in the country legally.

Now critics say that would lead to racial profiling.

Well, so what?

The state's governor has five days to either veto the bill or sign it into law.

Do the right thing, governor.

Here's the question -- what should be done about border security if almost 20 percent of illegal immigrants entering Arizona from Mexico have criminal records?

Go to and post a comment on my blog -- Candy.


CROWLEY: Jack is back. Joining us again with "the Cafferty file." So, now you have the answers. Did you get a lot of responses?



CAFFERTY: Yeah, this is a very emotional issue with folks and we got a lot of response. The question is what should be done about border security if almost 20 percent of illegal immigrants entering Arizona from Mexico have criminal records?

Sterling writes from Phoenix, "We in Arizona are tired of paying for health care for illegal immigrants. They clog our emergency rooms. This tough new state law will do more to contain medical costs in Arizona than anything Obama or the Congress have done."

Jay writes, also from Arizona, "What's the big deal? As a white Arizonan I carry the state-mandated driver's license, a federally mandated social security card and proof that I carry automobile insurance. I'm required to show these things anytime law enforcement requests it. The segment of society that's howling about the potential for some real immigration oversight is the far left Latino whiners who don't want to be profiled simply because massive numbers of their illegal voters to be might be asked to leave the country that they have entered illegally."

John writes, "What do I have to carry to prove I'm a natural-born U.S. citizen if I travel to Arizona? Do I need to get a passport to travel in my own country? Can they arrest me if I don't have proof of my birth? I know driver's licenses and social security cards prove nothing. How many innocent people will they stuff in jail because they don't have a passport?"

Aaron writes, "I am beside myself with frustration over watching previously prosperous neighborhoods being turned into bordertown slums by illegal immigrants who have absolutely no investment in this country. For them, America is but one thing -- a cash cow."

And Sam writes from California, "I lived in a small town on the eastern slope of the high sierra for 30 years. It was beautiful. We didn't lock our doors. There was no crime. Until the illegals came to town. They are now over half the total population, living 20 to a house. Now there is crime. The hospital's about to go out of business because of the cost of providing care to the women who bear five or six children as quickly as they can. It is horrendous. Illegals have taken advantage of America, and it must stop now."

Very emotional issue. If you want to read more about it, you can go to my blog, Miss Crowley?

CROWLEY: I think you proved my theory, everybody's theory, probably, that people say things in an e-mail that they probably wouldn't say to you sitting on TV.

CAFFERTY: Well, you know, I don't know. They -- they talk to me in what I'd like to think are pretty honest tones on both sides on most of the issues, but this particular issue has a lot of people fed up, for won't of a better phrase. The government won't address it and there are communities that have been destroyed economically and socially by the influx of people who are shouldn't be here.

CROWLEY: Now they are mad at me for talking to you, Jack, so I have to go.

CAFFERTY: If you'll have me.

CROWLEY: I'll have you, thanks.

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