Limbaugh suggests doctor recommendation of "moderation in alcohol intake" means Obama drinks too much


From the March 1 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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LIMBAUGH: And by the way, only one place I've seen this. We have the health report on Obama, his first check-up since being elected President, and the news is all about, well, he's got to moderate his nicotine intake and is using nicotine replacement therapy, which is -- it's either a patch or gum or whatever -- but uses the gum. OK. Nobody really expected that he's gonna quit smoking.

But here in the UK Guardian, check the last line of this, this story. "The doctors also recommended moderation of alcohol intake." What? Now they tell us. Doctors recommended "moderation of alcohol intake"? Whoa. I have never seen that report about any president's check-up. Moderate his alcohol intake.


Right-wing media brew up smear that Obama drinks too much

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