EXCLUSIVE: Geller, CPAC host anti-"Islamisation" speaker for lengthy rant against Muslims


From Pam Geller's February 19 CPAC* event, "Jihad: The Political Third Rail":

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ANDERS GRAVERS (Head of Stop Islamisation of Denmark, SIAD): The appeasement politics carried out by the European Dhimmies has not made the Muslim more satisfied with the Europeans. In fact, the contrary. Because the many Muslim demands are being met, they feel they have enough power to move to the next level, and that is to use a well-known Muslim weapon -- dominant behavior -- towards everybody who is not a Muslim. The dominant behavior is intended to make non-Muslims convert to Islam so they can be in peace.

We see this dominant behavior in the rise of the crime rate by the non-resident population. They want to show that they are in charge of the whole infidel convert system. Muslims throw stones and bottles at police, firemen and rescue teams when they enter the Muslim-only ghettos. Ambulances and firemen have to wait for police escort before they go into these ghettos.

In Demark we have the right to demonstrate in any public place we like. As long as the demonstrations are peaceful, the police cannot forbid them. But because of the increasing Muslim population, the police have now ordered the demonstrations to stay out of certain areas with many Muslim inhabitants. The reason: the police fear Muslim violence and vandalism. In other words, we have now areas where Muslims control the streets and where the Danish law no longer applies. We have to hire professional security for our demonstrations.

Muslim criminal gangs are ruling the streets in many of the major cities in Europe, where their dominant behavior spread fear amongst the people living there. In Copenhagen, Muslim gangs have made special zones where people will be body searched if they want to pass through. The police have not yet succeeded to stop it. This dominant behavior spreads to non-Muslim areas also. If a person meets a group of young Muslims in the street and dares to look them in the eyes, the Muslims take that as a provocation, and attack the person. That's happened every day now in Denmark.

Most Danes now look down when passing Muslim groups, as a result of the dominant behavior. Rape is also a part of the dominant behavior. Rapes have increased over the past 20 years, and many do not report the rape because of the threats. Sweden is one of the most compliant nation of countries, and they have one of the highest rape rates in Europe, most of them committed by Muslims. The more you appease the Muslims, the more dominant behavior you will suffer. In Norway many politicians said women must dress in such a way that they do not invite Muslim men to rape them. What happened to the rights of woman we have for fought for? Homosexuals are also feeling the Muslim dominant behavior. Attacks on them are the most common hate crimes in big cities.

Greenland is a part of the Danish state, which is why we there are so many Greenlanders in Demark. Some of them have been stoned out of Muslim areas. They have actually been expelled from Gellerup, a Muslim area in the second biggest town, Aarhus.

Jews are being hunted down and beaten up in Europe these days. Many Jews, they are not to wear the kippa in certain areas because they fear violent attacks from Muslims. In fact, many Jews have now left Europe, because it's no longer safe to live in many major cities in Europe as a Jew. Jews have also left Denmark because of that. It hurts to watch this development in Demark, because Denmark is known for our rescuing of numerous Jews during World War II. Now the police intelligence have openly declared that they can not even guarantee their safety anymore.

With all this in mind, a special quote comes to my mind, which fits exactly on Islam in Europe: "The way to march a thousand miles and still win the battle is to make the other side march a thousand miles for you." The Dhimmies and the Dhimmi attitude have marched, and still are marching for Islam.

How can we stop this suicidal development? How can we turn this quote around and use it against the Islamization of Europe? SIOE was founded in 2007 as a European model of SIAD, Stop Islamization of Denmark. One of the cornerstones in SIAD is our provocations. We are fully convinced that if we should have the chance to wake up our population, we need to provoke in order to get the truth forward. By provocation, we mean in the Roman law understanding, to act as an advocate in a courtroom to provoke the accused until he reveals his true face.

SIOE and SIAD have carried out numerous demonstrations, and especially ones that take place in certain areas -- I'll jump a little bit, I've got three minutes left, so I'll jump down here -- SIOE had a demonstration in 2006 in a Muslim area Aarhus, with the title "The Genocider Hamas out of Scandinavia." Eight hundred furious Palestinians turned up, fired chrysanthemum bombs and fireworks after the police and journalists, threw stones and made so much disturbance that the police had to escort our little demonstration away before it was finished. SIOE held a demonstration and commemoration on September 11th, 2009, in Harrow to oppose the building of a big mosque.

There were only Stephen Gash and around 20 others, but around 2,000 furious Muslims turned up and made riots in the streets. Stephen Gash was arrested and the demonstration was prevented. SIOE was called fascist and far-right by media and even government ministers.

Contrast this with the response to a Muslim demonstration in London the previous January where Muslims rioted. Nobody called them fascists and the BBC described the demonstration as peaceful.

SIOE demonstrated again in Harrow in December to show we were not defeated. Hardly any Muslims showed up.

Since September 11th, 2009, five mosques have been stopped from being built in England ... [APPLAUSE] ... including the world's largest planned for the 2012 Olympics in London. So actions do work.

The biggest totalitarian project in this -- in the group here -- is the European Union. The European Union acts secretly, with the European people being deceived about its development. Democracy is being deliberately removed, and the latest example being the Lisbon Treaty. However the plan goes much further with an ultimate goal of being a European-Arabian super-state, incorporating Muslim countries of North Africa and the Middle East in the European Union (EU). This is already initiated with the signing of the Barcelona treaty in '95 by the EU and nine North African states, and it became effective the first of January, 2010 -- this year. It is also known as the Euro-Mediterranean co-operation. In return for some European control of oil resources, Muslim countries will have unfettered access to technology and movement of people into Europe. The price Europeans will have to pay is the introduction of Sharia law and removal of democracy.

Believe me America is not far behind, and we think you are overtaking us. Violent, economic, cultural and stealth Jihad is the knife slicing the salami of freedom. The salami of freedom is still being sliced. It is time for us to snatch the slicing-knife of jihad, stop mosque building, stop Sharia law and stop Sharia finance.


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* A FoxNews.com post reported that this was an "unofficial" CPAC event, however it was listed on the offical CPAC agenda.

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