At Geller's CPAC event, Elisabeth Wolff says "Islam is supremacist ... it's against everything you and I believe in"

At Geller's CPAC event, Elisabeth Wolff says "Islam is supremacist ... it's against everything you and I believe in"


From Pam Geller's February 19 CPAC* event, "Jihad: The Political Third Rail":

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ELISABETH WOLFF: We have a very popular magazine, a weekly glossy magazine called News. And News sent a young undercover journalist to attend two of the three of my seminars on Islam that I had been invited to give on behalf of Austrian Freedom Party. It was infltrated. This young journalist actually had a microphone just like mine, just like the one in front. She didn't tell me that she was recording my words. And the story broke in late November of last year.

There was huge outrage. There was a huge, huge report -- about 15 pages of this weekly glossy. And you can imagine that the entire political and religious establishment -- not just the Muslims, but you had the Catholics, you had the Protestants, you had the Jews -- the Jewish establishment, the religious group, I'm sorry -- complain about my words. "You can't say that." I even had it in my own family: "You cannot say what you said." And no matter what I say in reply -- well, how can you say that Islam is supremacist, it is against women's rights, it's against human rights, it's against everything you and I believe in -- I always get the answer, "Well, you have to say it in some other way." And I ask them, "Well, how? Give me an example so I can change my words. I'm willing to listen." But I get no answer, which is kind of frustrating. But it also tells me that I'm doing the right thing.


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* A post reported that this was an "unofficial" CPAC event, however it was listed on the offical CPAC agenda.

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