EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: O'Reilly on South Side of Chicago: "It's like Haiti"


From the January 23 Bold & Fresh Tour with Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck in Westbury, NY:

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EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: O'Reilly suggests the CIA should kidnap Pelosi and Reid and waterboard Pelosi


O'REILLY: I'm seeing a guy who's very, very committed to the government. To government, the government's going to solve the problems, and I'm going I don't know how that's possible. If you've ever been to the South Side of Chicago, I mean, it's a disaster, all right? It's like Haiti, it's like -- I've been to Haiti a couple of times. I support some charities there, but Haiti just never gets better, no matter how much money you put in there because they don't have a system. And I said the government can't do it but, Obama really believes the government can do it.

Bill O'Reilly
Bold Fresh Tour
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