Extortion? Breitbart threatens to release more tapes during election unless DOJ investigates ACORN


From the November 19 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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HANNITY: And there's another aspect to this that is becoming part of the gubernatorial race out in California as it relates to the laws out there. Jerry Brown, who's looking for the Democratic nomination, Andrew, apparently had a staff member that was involved in a taping that they believed is illegal, they chose not to prosecute, but now they may go after you guys. Would that be hypocrisy?

BREITBART: Well, there's a lot of hypocrisy, and the dust has settled for ACORN, and at the end of the day, they've recognized that Eric Holder, the attorney general, has not initiated an investigation into ACORN after we now have seven tapes. There were five initially that came out. ACORN was defunded by the Senate, was defunded by the House, lost its link to the census. While all that damage occurred, Congress didn't come in to investigate them, obviously not the attorney general's office, and they've now realized, "let's get back into -- to get back into business," because they realize that the dust settled and they were not being investigated. It was Hannah, James and me who were being investigated. That's why we've been forced to offer this latest tape.

HANNITY: Well, are you saying, Andrew, that there are more tapes?

BREITBART: Oh, my goodness, there are. Not only are there more tapes, it's not just ACORN. And this message is to --


BREITBART: -- Attorney General Holder. I want you to know that we have more tapes, it's not just ACORN, and we're going to hold out until the next election cycle. Or else, if you want to do a clean investigation, we will give you the rest of what we have, we will comply with you, we will give you the documentation we have from countless ACORN whistleblowers who want to come forward but are fearful of this organization and the retribution, that they fear that this is a dangerous organization. So if you get into an investigation, we will give you the tapes. If you don't give us the tapes, we will revisit these tapes come election time.

HANNITY: This is a blockbuster, what you're saying here. This -- that you guys have more tapes, you'll release them before the election, that could have a big impact on the election, obviously.

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