Breitbart "want[s] there to be an impeachment" of Obama


From the November 5 broadcast of Fox News' Red Eye:

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GREG GUTFIELD (host): Pelosi claimed that she won -- or we won last night. Was she right?

BREITBART: Yes, she was. She was right. There's no doubt about it. Having lost New Jersey, which is the most comically Democrat state in the history of humankind, that's a huge victory for you, Nancy Pelosi. I will -- can I go back to the cats?

GUTFIELD: Yes, you can. I know -- I can tell you don't care about the actual elections. You care about the cats.

BREITBART: What do I care? What do I care? You know what I -- where I stand on -- I want there to be an impeachment, and I want Andy Levy to go after me at the halftime report for my wanting Obama impeached.

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