Potential NFL owner Limbaugh declares basketball "the favorite sport of gangs"

Potential NFL owner Limbaugh declares basketball "the favorite sport of gangs"


From the October 7 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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LIMBAUGH: It's not reasonable that you should understand the insanity that local and state and federal bureaucracies are doing. It's perfectly normal and understandable that none of what they do would make sense to you. My question -- OK, a 1 cent sales tax to fight gang violence. What do you spend the money on to fight gang violence? Afterschool program -- don't we already have afterschool programs? Don't we already have -- what do you call it, extracurricular events? Midnight basketball -- I mean, we've done it all. We've taken the favorite sport of gangs, and we put it at midnight to get them on the basketball court. We had 100,000 new cops with Clinton -- we've done it all. And the problem still is out of control. Liberalism doesn't work.

I'm gonna tell you what. If they're gonna raise the sales tax in this little -- Salinas, California, wherever you're talking about -- if they're gonna raise 1 cent sales tax to handle gang violence, then the money oughta go to the purchase of bulletproof vests for the law-abiding citizens when they leave their home.


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