Hannity defines "to macaca" as "when Democrats cry racism in the absence of any evidence whatsoever with the clear intent to being to silence any critic"


From the September 14 edition of ABC Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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Hannity went on to claim that "the Democratic media in that sense, quote 'macacaed' George Allen in 2006, knocking him out of the Senate based on the use of the word 'macaca' to describe a Democratic tracker."


In reporting Allen's use of derogatory North African word "macaca," most major media outlets ignored Allen's familial ties to region

Limbaugh: "[O]ne of my staff is Spanish and informs me" that Allen simply called Sidarth a "clown"

Defending Allen's "macaca" remarks, Blankley claimed: "In Italian ... it means a clown"

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