Rose Tennent on Kennedy: "The 16-year-olds are free at last from this pervert"


From the August 31 edition of Clear Channel's The War Room With Quinn and Rose:

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TENNENT: Can you believe this though? What kind of man -- and then I've got to watch this on the news all weekend? This pig? Well good riddance, that's what I say. I'm sorry.

QUINN: Free at last, free at last, great god almighty --

TENNENT: The 16-year-olds are free at last from this pervert.

QUINN: Free at last from the Kennedys. Yeah, you know, this is going to make a difference.

TENNENT: You know he gave Obama a letter for the pope, did you know that?


TENNENT: When did Obama see the pope? In June, July? June or July, he was -- he went to see the pope, and Ted Kennedy asked him, please, give this letter to the pope.

QUINN: Send sacramental wine.

TENNENT: Begging, I guess for forgiveness or something, I don't know. What do you think? 'Cause he was sick, it was this summer.

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