Beck asks listeners to pray to stave off Satan-like "perversion" of the country


From the September 1 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Program:

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BECK: Do the best thing that you can do for your country right now and please pray. Don't -- remember what we were like on September 12. Well, one of the reasons why we were like that on September 12 is because we knew what was important. Our families were important. Our country -- the Constitution was important to us. And God was important to us. If you believe this country was divinely inspired -- know what you believe. Was this country divinely inspired? If so, then it will be protected if we ask him to protect. If we put ourselves back into the rightful place, it will be protected.

You know, the other thing is -- and I hate to get all Jesus on you -- but if you believe in God, if you believe in light and dark, you know that God creates, and Satan perverts. He doesn't create, he perverts. He takes really, really good things and perverts them, and makes them really, really -- for instance, the Internet. The Internet is both just ama -- I mean, it's like -- it's like man, you know, being as close to God as you can get. I mean, that is -- what a great creation that is. All of the good the Internet can do. And look at the destructive power of pornography and everything else that is on the Internet. Perverts it into something that you now have to guard against.

America, if you believe that, America is not going to be destroyed by the force of darkness. America will be perverted. If we fed and freed more people, we will starve and imprison more people than any power on Earth. That would be the goal of the adversary. To distort it. To wreck the message that freedom is a good thing, that capitalism is a good thing, that a republic is a good thing. It can't be just be destroyed, it must be perverted and marked on the foreheads of everyone -- "this is really bad." That's what we're fighting against -- a perversion of this system. It's much worse than a collapse. It would almost make you hope for a collapse, if that indeed were true. I don't know what is true anymore. But get down on your knees, because you'll find it.

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