Beck says of Palin's "death panel" claims: "I believe it to be true"

Beck says of Palin's "death panel" claims: "I believe it to be true"


From the August 10 broadcast of Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Program:

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GLENN BECK: So, why is there no more discussion than there is on Sarah Palin and what she said over the weekend that there would be death -- what did she call it? -- a death squad? Or a death --

STEVE "STU" BURGUIERE (executive producer): Death panel.

BECK: A death panel for her son Trig. That's quite a statement. I believe it to be true, but that's quite a statement. She also called health care this -- Obama health care -- "evil." Did she not? Am I misquoting her, Pat?

PAT GREY: Let's see. I think she -- yes, she did.



PAT GREY: Former -- yeah, called health plan "downright evil."

BECK: Downright evil.

PAT: Hm-mm.

BECK: That's quite a statement. But, again, I believe -- I believe she at least should be listened to and you should question, "Is it evil?" Would there be -- what would make her say that there would be a death panel?

I mean, tomorrow on Fox at 5 o'clock, make sure you're joining us, because we'll ask some of those same questions. We will show you some of the reasons why you could read it this way. It'll be up to you whether or not you find it credible enough to say, "Well, now, wait a minute. Those are really bad seeds that have been planted before. Maybe we shouldn't plant those seeds." But it's up to you to decide.


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