CNN's Toobin notes suggestion that white men don't carry biases in Sessions' question about "prejudice"


From CNN's July 14 coverage of the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor:

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GLORIA BORGER (CNN senior political analyst): The interesting thing about Senator Sessions was that he asked the question: Is there any instance in which you would let your prejudice impact your decisions? And what she said in this statement is that her experience as a woman and a person of color will affect how you judge. So he may have used the wrong word there in asking the question to get the direct answer, because that allowed her to not directly contradict herself, although she clearly did walk back what she said.

JEFFREY TOOBIN (CNN senior legal analyst): You know, what's worth noting -- what --

CANDY CROWLEY (CNN senior political correspondent): I suspect she wanted to use that word, actually.

BORGER: What --

TOOBIN: What's worth noting about --

BORGER: She wanted --

CROWLEY: Prejudice. It's -- sorry -- that Lindsey --

BORGER: Sessions.

CROWLEY -- Sessions wanted to use the word prejudice to attack her.

BORGER: Right, but it allowed her to back -- it allowed her to back out of it very easily.

TOOBIN: What's worth noting about what Jeff Sessions -- the line of questioning -- was that being a white man, that's normal. Everybody else has biases and prejudices --

BORGER: Yeah. Exactly.

TOOBIN: -- but the white man, they don't have any ethnicity. They don't have any gender. They're just like the normal folks -- and I thought that was a little jarring.

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