Limbaugh refers to Obama's "soul shake" -- that "black handshake ... that he had with Chavez"


From the June 29th edition of Premiere Radio Network's The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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LIMBAUGH: Liberalism and totalitarianism is getting kicked out everywhere but here, where it's taking root. And Obama, what's he -- he didn't want to meddle. But, you know, there's a common denominator when he meddles. Obama does whatever it takes to keep an anti-American dictator in power. He'll spare no effort.

In Iran: "Oh, we can't meddle with what's going on over there. We can't meddle until we see what the outcome is." And we didn't meddle. And, of course, then Ahmadinejad comes out and says, "You owe me an apology for meddling in our affairs." Obama: "I'm not going to apologize. Why should I apologize to you, you little twerp?"

In Honduras, though, we meddled. In Venezuela, we had a soul shake, or whatever -- that black handshake he has that he had with Chavez. We had a soul shake. Saudi Arabia: He bowed down.

In all these anti-American places, Obama'll do everything he can to keep those people in power. I'm sorry folks, but that's just fact. In Israel: "Throw them overboard. Throw them under the bus." Hamas: "Empower 'em." Iran: Don't really do anything about it. North Korea: Don't really do anything about it.

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