Hayes claims "everybody, with unanimity" in media calls EITs "torture" -- not NY Times, according to public editor


From the June 21 edition of Fox Broadcasting Co.'s Fox News Sunday:

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From New York Times public editor Clark Hoyt's April 25 column:

And why not, then, go all the way to torture? [Times editor in the Washington bureau, Douglas] Jehl said that when the paper is discussing what is generally regarded as the most extreme interrogation method the C.I.A. used, waterboarding, "we've become more explicit in saying in a first reference that it's a near-drowning technique" that Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and many other experts "have called torture." But he said: "I have resisted using torture without qualification or to describe all the techniques. Exactly what constitutes torture continues to be a matter of debate and hasn't been resolved by a court. This president and this attorney general say waterboarding is torture, but the previous president and attorney general said it is not. On what basis should a newspaper render its own verdict, short of charges being filed or a legal judgment rendered?" Jehl argued for precision and caution. I agree.

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