Beck: It is "intellectually dishonest" to blame Olbermann for murder of soldier


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From the June 2 edition of Premiere Radio Network's The Glenn Beck Program:

BECK: You know, what was it, yesterday or over the weekend? Bill O'Reilly was accused of practically taking the shell casings and packing bullets, loading the gun, driving the guy to church, and killing the abortion doctor in -- what was it -- Kansas. Bill O'Reilly was -- he might as well have been the triggerman according to the left, the blogs, the media. I don't know how many -- I don't know how many stories I read that said Bill O'Reilly and me, a guy who -- I don't think I mentioned this doctor, maybe a couple of times as it related to Sebelius -- I don't even think I mentioned him by name. Somehow or another I was also responsible for his death, and the media reported that.

Well, let me ask you this. I had to really search the news long and hard to find out about the two recruiters -- the two soldiers that had been killed by the Muslim convert, that were gunned down in Arkansas. I had to really look hard for that. Is anybody asking is Keith Olbermann responsible for the death of those two soldiers? Keith Olbermann has railed against recruiters. Keith Olbermann has railed against the baby killers that our U.S. soldiers are. He's railed against this war. MSNBC was right all over the story about how our troops are torturing and killing innocents. Has anybody asked if he's responsible?

By the way, the answer is no, he's not. Has anyone asked if he's responsible? No. Why? Because it's an intellectually dishonest question. It was dishonest when they did it about Bill O'Reilly, and it's dishonest if anybody does it with Keith Olbermann. The only ones that were responsible for the guy who is killing the abortion doctor in Kansas is the guy who killed the abortion doctor in Kansas. The only one that was responsible for killing the two soldiers in Arkansas is the Muslim convert crazy nutjob that killed the two soldiers in Arkansas.

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