Limbaugh gushes over "warriorette" Liz Cheney's "guts and courage"


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From the May 22 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' Rush Limbaugh Show:

LIMBAUGH: What Liz Cheney is pointing out -- "Look, Obama can settle this argument. Obama can settle it by releasing the memos my dad says he saw. And if those memos don't say what my dad says he saw, then guess what? My dad's going to be perceived as wrong. But if those memos do say what my dad says, then Obama's going to be the one that's misrepresented." But Donny, don't argue with me; just have Obama release the memos. The truth is there. It's the White House that's preventing us from knowing it.

Now, she's got guts and courage here. I've -- she's -- I was her dinner partner one night out in Wyoming at a dinner. It was a social thing; it wasn't a political thing. But as you can expect, political things ended up being discussed, and she was on fire. I mean, this woman is committed. She is informed. She is -- she's a warrior, a warriorette on this stuff, and it's great that she's out doing this now.

Somebody made the point today -- I forget who -- but we've had all of these presidential children and the sons of presidents, you know, a dime a dozen. They've come and gone, daughters and so forth, and they've always held out potential. But Liz Cheney happens to be the most worthwhile in terms of a political asset to her father: vocal, intelligent, and effective. And it -- this is so breathtaking to watch because it is a seminar on how any Republican appearing on any of these shows with any of these bumblehead liberals can handle them.

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