Limbaugh on GOP's "listening tour": "This whole notion of listening, it's just -- it's a scam"


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From the May 5 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

LIMBAUGH What if I decided I needed to go on a listening -- you know what, folks, instead of the Rush to Excellence tour, we're gonna go on a Rush listen tour.

I'm gonna show up in your town, I'm gonna set up a microphone that you use. And I'm gonna sit there and say nothing. And I'm gonna listen to you. And I'm gonna come back and I'm gonna put together a great radio prog --

What do you think would happen? Not very many people would show up, and if I actually did listen, it would be a disaster because you can't take the advice of 20 million people, or 5,000, regardless of whatever the number is. And if you're a politician, you can't take the advice of 58 million people. This whole notion of listening, it's just -- it's a scam. Maybe, maybe we've gotten to the point where you have to scam the American people in order to get their votes. I hope not. See I'm enough of an idealist, probably a little naïve, and hopefully a bit of realist, to understand that it really works out best if you respect your audience, respect their intelligence, approach them that way.

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