FLASHBACK ... Kristol called for 2006 and 2008 to be "a referendum" on makeup on Supreme Court


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From the January 29, 2006, broadcast of Fox News Sunday:

JUAN WILLIAMS: But here's the thing. I think that when you think about Kerry's position, I think, Bill Kristol, you know, you have to acknowledge that Samuel Alito is not President Bush's choice. He's not Alberto Gonzales. He's not Harriet Miers. It was an ideological selection made by the president to satisfy -- you talk about the left-wing base -- to satisfy the right-wing base.

And I think that's what we've got now, and that's why you've got most Democrats -- you know, half of the Democrats said OK to John Roberts. That's not the case here.

KRISTOL: Because Roberts was replacing Rehnquist. And Alito will move the court a click back in the conservative or constitutional direction. And let's have a referendum on that.


KRISTOL: Let's have a referendum on that in 2006 and 2008. Do they want a liberal Supreme Court, or do they want a moderately conservative Supreme Court?

WILLIAMS: That's called a presidential election. So he gets to make the choice, unless, of course, he's forced by his base, which is what he was forced to do with Alito.

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