Hannity: "Robert Gates ought to resign, and resign now" because he "wants to preside over the single dumbest defense scale-down in American history"


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From the April 7 edition of ABC Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

HANNITY: Sean in Michigan next on The Sean Hannity Show. What's up Sean?

CALLER: Hey, what's up?

HANNITY: What's up?

CALLER: Hello?

HANNITY: How are you?


HANNITY: Da, da, da -- you're on the air, go!

CALLER: Oh, Sean, I didn't realize I was on the air, sorry about that.

HANNITY: That's all right, what's going on?

CALLER: Hey, listen, here's the situation: My wife's a field-grade officer in the Reserves, been in for 15 years, been deployed 3 times in the last 3 years, I mean, you know, holidays, weekends, birthdays, missed all that good stuff. And we, we got into this knowing that, OK? But with that being said, I'm obviously speaking on my behalf, not hers, but we've had discussions, she and I, and it's becoming increasingly more difficult for her to serve under a commander in chief who really doesn't know the word sacrifice or understand what the word sacrifice means. And it's, you know, his words of encouragement, they ring hollow. I mean, his actions speak volumes as to what he truly is about, you know. He uses, "I will strongly encourage," or things of that nature, and then he turns around and he does nothing. You know, and at the same time, he's, you know, sending Robert Gates on with marching orders to cut defense spending --

HANNITY: Robert Gates ought to resign, and resign now. Because if Robert Gates wants to preside over the single dumbest defense scale-down in American history that puts us on a pre-9-11 footing, I would not want that on my watch. I wouldn't accept it on my watch, and for him to be, you know, wanting this position more than standing up for what's right is frankly surprising to me, and I thought that was one of the better choices of Obama.


Hannity falsely claimed Obama administration "taking steps to cut defense spending"

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