Malkin touts exposure of Clinton Asian-American donors who she says were "smellier than stinky tofu"

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In an October 24 column -- posted on National Review Online (NRO) and -- noting recent coverage by the Los Angeles Times and the New York Post of certain contributions to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's (D-NY) presidential campaign by Asian-Americans, right-wing pundit and nationally syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin referred to "Hillary campaign contributors" who were "smellier than stinky tofu."

From her column:

Both papers uncovered dishwashers, cooks and other suspect Hillary campaign contributors in New York's Chinatown, Flushing, the Bronx, and Brooklyn who were limited-income, limited-English-proficient and smellier than stinky tofu. One Asian donor admitted to the Los Angeles Times "to lacking the legal-resident status required for giving campaign money." Another, Hsiao Wen Yang, told the New York Post she was reimbursed for her $1,000 donation - setting off clear alarm bells over yet another possible straw donor scheme on the heels of Norman Hsu-gate.

The headline of Malkin's column on NRO read: "A Time to Discriminate: 'Profile' foreign donors? Of course!"

Malkin also wrote:

"I'm going to keep reaching out to everybody in our country. I want to be a president to everybody," said a defiant Hillary in defense of her indiscriminate fundraising. "Asian-Americans in Chinatown and Flushing have the same right to contribute as every other American," Howard Wolfson, a campaign spokesman, told several newspapers. "We do not ethnically profile donors."

"Ethnic profiling" is the rhetorical bugaboo the Clintons hope will stave off more investigations and invocations of Asian-American donor scandals past. Learning well from their far-left minority counterparts, these Asian-American groups have tried to turn the debate away from candidate and donor responsibility to the collective "rights" of the entire Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

Malkin concluded: "If it's 'ethnic profiling' to be extra-careful of Chinatown donors who can't speak English, live in dilapidated buildings, have never voted, can't tell Hillary Clinton from Hunan Chicken or simply can't be found, then 'ethnic profiling' should be the standard procedure of every responsible campaign."

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