"It just kind of happens": Rosen again called Obama "Osama"


Asserting that it "wasn't intentional" and that "[i]t just kind of happens," Newsradio 850 KOA host Mike Rosen again called U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (IL) "Osama" during the May 30 broadcast of his show -- echoing other conservative commentators who have used the name of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden when referring to the Democratic presidential candidate.

From the May 30 broadcast of Newsradio 850 KOA's The Mike Rosen Show:

ROSEN: Let's start with a little Osama -- excuse me, that, that wasn't intentional [laughing] -- Barack Obama. That'll happen every now and then with a lot of people, with no intention to connect the two nor any desire to be cute. It just kind of happens. That was completely unintentional.

As Colorado Media Matters has pointed out, Rosen in the past has called Obama "Osama," including three instances on his February 16 show. During that broadcast Rosen similarly claimed that he had made "an honest misstatement," explaining that "because of the mindset we have where we're familiar with Osama bin Laden," it is "easy" to say "Osama" instead of "Obama."

Other conservative commentators have referred to Obama as "Osama" or highlighted the phonetic resemblance of Obama's name to "Osama," as Media Matters for America has documented (here, here, and here). Similarly, Colorado Media Matters noted that Fox News Radio 600 KCOL host and program director Scott James also has called Obama "Osama."

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