"It's fun speculating": KOA's "Gunny" Bob's still obsessing about Sen. Clinton's sexuality

"It's fun speculating": KOA's "Gunny" Bob's still obsessing about Sen. Clinton's sexuality


On the March 8 broadcast of his Newsradio 850 KOA show, "Gunny" Bob Newman continued to obsess about Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's (D-NY) sexuality by saying that "a lot of Americans" probably have wondered if "Hillary is a switch hitter" or "is actually lesbian." After reciting innuendo about Clinton for the second time in less than a week, Newman claimed that it wouldn't "bother me greatly" if Clinton were a lesbian, adding, "It's fun speculating, though."

Earlier in the broadcast, after claiming that "liberals as compared to conservatives have more racists among them," Newman also stated, "I also suspect that ... many liberals do not want Iraqis to be free because they are bigoted against Muslims, against people with brown skin, and Arabs in general."

As Colorado Media Matters noted, on the March 2 broadcast of his show Newman asked his listeners, "[W]ould you be 100 percent surprised if Hillary said she's bisexual? I would not."

From the March 8 broadcast of Newsradio 850 KOA's The Gunny Bob Show:

CALLER: I'm all for the idea of Condi. You know, I see the scenario; I see -- I, I believe it could play out, but I was wondering if you thought it might backfire. And I want to preface my comments by saying, I don't have a problem with a woman president or vice president, or a black president or vice president. But I think there are a lot of people in this country who might. And -- and if -- if Condoleezza Rice becomes the vice president and just knocks 'em dead, does that give credence to Hillary to say -- run around and say, see, women can do it? Or Barack to run around and say, see, it doesn't matter if you're black or white. Do you see what I'm saying? (inaudible)

NEWMAN: I do -- I do, but I have more -- I have, I have some more faith in most Americans. I believe that only a small percentage of Americans -- and I mean, nowhere near -- not even close -- I'm talking about single-digit percentage of Americans -- would have a problem with a -- with a black female becoming the president or the vice president. I mean, our nation has -- has changed a lot. There are still a tremendous number, of course, of racists, in my view, most of whom are -- are liberals. But -- but I think that the majority of Americans -- by far and away -- would -- would -- would, would look at her for the value and experience she would bring to the office and could very well be, because of that, our next -- our next vice president and possibly president.


CALLER: I was just wondering about a comment that you made right before the break. Did -- did you do research about the percentage of people that you said that were going to be liberals that were going to have a problem with a black woman president or vice president?

NEWMAN: No; I said it's my opinion, my personal belief, that I -- that I -- I believe that more -- that liberals as compared to conservatives have more racists among them, or bigots in general, than conservatives. There's -- there's no study involved; just an opinion.

CALLER: Really? OK. Because I -- I think that the whole idea about liberalism is not to be racist --

NEWMAN: Oh, that --

CALLER: -- as far as civil rights.

NEWMAN: -- that -- that was the idea. No, [caller], you're correct; that was the idea.


NEWMAN: But when you -- but when you -- but not anymore. When you look at their support of bigoted, racist programs like -- like affirmative action, where people get picked for things based on the color of their skin, which was so repugnant to people like the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King. And I also suspect that -- that many liberals do not want Iraqis to be free because they are bigoted against Muslims, against people with brown skin, and Arabs in general. Thank you, [caller]. 303-713-8585. I'm "Gunny" Bob on 850 KOA. I mean, why else wouldn't they want the Iraqis to be free? Apparently they have issues with -- with some things that should be irrelevant.


CALLER: If she [Hillary] gets elected, I think she's going to dump Bubba like a -- like a bad suitcase.

NEWMAN: You mean -- you mean divorce him?

CALLER: Oh, yeah. And then if she doesn't get elected -- she's just playing it until -- she can't divorce -- I, I think she wants to unload him like you wouldn't believe.

NEWMAN: That, that may be the case. It wouldn't surprise me. I couldn't say I would blame her, either. I don't know if that is the case.

CALLER: Right.

NEWMAN: You now, I mean, with -- with some of the things that he's done, you know, with -- I mean, with other women while he's been married to her, I, I wouldn't blame her a bit. I don't know if that would become a political liability for her or become --

CALLER: She wouldn't care.

NEWMAN: -- a political strength.

CALLER: Yeah, I mean she would have four years to worry about it. God forbid, if she does get elected in the first place, but I think the first order of business, win or lose, she's going to dump him.


CALLER: The game will be over; she won't need him anymore.

NEWMAN: Now see, that would be a political curveball.

CALLER: Right, and --

NEWMAN: That's a big one.

CALLER: And knowing her, she'd probably try to bounce back from that and run again. But you know, the people would -- people would definitely wake up at that point.

NEWMAN: Well, why do you think? Divorce is accepted in America.

CALLER: Sure, but then it would -- you know, she just doesn't want to make it look like -- well, she -- I just don't -- I think she's gonna do that, she'll wait till after the election to do so.

NEWMAN: OK, what about this -- and this is pure speculation: Let's say that you're right -- she -- let's say she gets elected, she dumps Bubba --


NEWMAN: Bubba is -- Bubba is sent packing and then, you know, a few months go by, several months go by, a year or something goes by, whatever -- and she -- and she gets a partner, if you get my drift.

CALLER: Uh-huh. Yeah, that -- I could see that happening.

NEWMAN: And the partner, like, maybe moves into the White House. Would -- would that freak America out?

CALLER: I would say it would. And, I think from the underbelly that we do have -- you know, you've touched on this a few weeks back, that there's people that hate this country and, and -- and, like the worst part of what comes down the pike, that would be fine with a percentage of America, but not the real Americans such as yourself and yours truly.

NEWMAN: I think the French -- I think the French would love it. Thanks, man. 303-713-8585. The French would get a huge kick out of that. You know, that, that would -- I, I don't know if it would ever happen, but it's an interesting thought. Do you think Hillary also would -- if she gets elected, will she send Bubba carpetbagging somewhere else? I don't -- I don't know if Bubba would want to be the first husband; I have -- I have no idea. That could really cramp his style in a big way -- you just, just depends -- so many factors at play. Nine twenty-seven the time on deck; I'm "Gunny" Bob on 850 KOA -- clearing and 30 tonight around the Front Range and sunny and 61 tomorrow. You got to admit, a lot of Americans -- I suspect most -- have probably wondered, even if it was momentarily, if Hillary is a switch hitter, or is actually -- is actually lesbian. I have no idea. Would it surprise me if she came -- if she came out and said, you know, this is what, this is what I really am? No. Would it bother me greatly? No, it would not. 303-713-8585, I'm "Gunny" Bob on 8 -- on 850 KOA. It's fun speculating, though, you -- you got to admit.

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