Limbaugh suggested caller visit site of Foster suicide: "See if you get out alive"

Limbaugh suggested caller visit site of Foster suicide: "See if you get out alive"

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On the January 19 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, Rush Limbaugh advised a caller to "go to Fort Marcy Park" on the caller's upcoming visit to Washington, D.C., and "[s]ee if you get out alive." Fort Marcy Park is the Northern Virginia location where Clinton Deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster committed suicide on July 20, 1993.

As Media Matters for America has noted (here, here, here, and here), Limbaugh has a history of invoking Fort Marcy Park to suggest that the Clintons were somehow involved in Foster's death, despite multiple official investigations that determined Foster committed suicide.

From the January 19 broadcast of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

CALLER: [laughs] Too funny! Hey, we homeschool four kids, and we want to thank you for what you do in helping us teach our kids about political science, the right side of it.

LIMBAUGH: Well, you're welcome.

CALLER: And my daughters and I are heading to Washington, D.C., tonight to go to the March for Life on Monday --


CALLER: -- and we're gonna do some sightseeing and some shopping, and we were wondering what your favorite historical site is and restaurant --


CALLER: -- in Washington, D.C.

LIMBAUGH: Well, I don't have a favorite restaurant in Washington 'cause I haven't eaten in one in -- I don't go there enough. I can't remember the last restaurant I ate at in Washington.


LIMBAUGH: Wait! Yes, I can. It was 1992, and it was the Old Ebbitt Grill.

CALLER: Oh! That's on our list. Someone else has suggested that.

LIMBAUGH: Yeah, it's not far from the White House.

CALLER: Right.

LIMBAUGH: I -- [chuckles] I'll tell you why -- I had, I was going -- that was the day I went to the White House to have dinner with President Bush 41 and I had heard that he and his wife, Barbara, ate like birds, so I was advised to go eat a real dinner before I showed up.

CALLER: [giggles]

LIMBAUGH: And I went to the Old Ebbitt Grill with a -- with a friend. As for historical sites, my, gosh. You -- you're not gonna have enough time to see 'em all. For me, you know, aside, aside from, like, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument, of course, you -- I just-- I go nuts over the Air and Space Museum.


LIMBAUGH: I just, I -- that place is just fascinating to me and they've -- they've recently -- well, within a couple years, three years -- expanded it. It's part of the Smithsonian.


LIMBAUGH: Smith -- and it's a shame you can't get out to Mount Vernon, George Washington's home. You won't -- you make it, you would not believe what they have done to revive this place as a historical and educational center. It would literally blow your mind.

What else that you could do? [mutters] Well, you've got the war memorials. You've got the, the Vietnam and Korean and World War II memorials.

CALLER: Yeah, we're taking a night tour of all those.

LIMBAUGH: Yeah, well -- well, then you're doin' all this stuff.

CALLER: We just wanted to know what your favorite thing was.

LIMBAUGH: Ahh -- well, geez, you know, the National Archives. You get to see the actual Constitution.

CALLER: Oh, cool.

LIMBAUGH: Place where Sandy Burglar [sic] stole the documents.


LIMBAUGH: In his socks. That's a good place -- good place to see.

CALLER: [giggles]

LIMBAUGH: You might want to go to Fort Marcy Park. See if you get out alive.

CALLER: [giggles] OK.

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