Morris: Edwards won't "get traction" for "running on poverty against a black and a woman"

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On the January 2 edition of Fox News' Hannity & Colmes, Fox News political analyst Dick Morris predicted that 2004 vice presidential nominee John Edwards (D-NC) is not "going to get traction" in his 2008 presidential campaign because "he's running on poverty against a black and a woman. What's wrong with this picture?"

Morris also predicted that "[t]he ticket in '08 is [Sen.] Hillary [Rodham Clinton (D-NY)] and [Sen. Barack] Obama [D-IL]." As Media Matters for America noted, Morris said on the December 18 edition of Hannity & Colmes that he was "leaving the country" if Clinton and Obama were the 2008 Democratic nominees. The weblog News Hounds posted Morris' comments about "leaving the country" on December 19, and they were later also picked up by,, and other media outlets.

From the January 2 edition of Fox News' Hannity & Colmes:

ALAN COLMES (co-host): Let's talk about the ticket in '08. Never too early to talk about that.

MORRIS: The ticket in '08 is Hillary and Obama.

COLMES: That's it?

MORRIS: It's Hillary, because she's definitely going to run. She's probably going to win. She brings out single women who otherwise would not vote.

The idea of the first woman will capture the ether, and the reason she is going to put Obama on the ticket is, after she beats him, she can't then turn around and ask the African-Americans to support the ticket unless she gives them something.

COLMES: You're convinced he will be the second-most-voted-for in the primaries candidate beyond anybody else?

MORRIS: Yes. I think that -- I think Edwards, you know, he announced over Christmas, he's running on poverty against a black and a woman. What's wrong with this picture? I don't think that he is going to get traction.

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