Time's Duffy and Tumulty declare Republicans lost, in part, for "spending like drunken Democrats"

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In a November 8 Time magazine online article, "It's a Good Morning for the Democrats," Time reporter Michael Duffy and national political correspondent Karen Tumulty, while reporting on the results of the midterm election, wrote that "the Republican Revolution that began in 1994" came to "an end," in part because the Republican Party "found itself spending like drunken Democrats."

From the November 8 Time online article:

But even before the outcome of Montana and Virginia is known, it was already clear that the vote was the biggest defeat of George W. Bush's presidency, depriving him of a governing majority in Washington and raising new doubts about his effectiveness and agenda for his final two years in office. Bush has scheduled a news conference for Wednesday afternoon.

The outcome brought an end to the Republican Revolution that began in 1994 but lost its way as the party that came to Washington to cut government spending and clean up a corrupt institution ran into scandals of its own and found itself spending like drunken Democrats. Meanwhile, the vote increases the onus on Democrats to go beyond merely criticizing the President and show voters they have a constructive agenda of their own.

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