Fox's Cameron: NY Times "essentially hoping to demoralize Republicans" to reduce their turnout

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On the October 17 edition of Fox News Live, Fox News chief political correspondent Carl Cameron asserted that an October 16 New York Times report, indicating that Republican party officials have said they "are moving to reduce financial support" for Sen. Mike DeWine's (R-OH) re-election campaign in order to "divert party money to other embattled Republican senators," demonstrates that "The New York Times and Democrats are essentially hoping to demoralize Republicans and take away the energy for the base that Republicans think will protect their majorities."

As Media Matters for America has documented, Fox News hosts and guests have frequently attacked The New York Times over its news reporting.

From the October 17 edition of Fox News Live:

BILL HEMMER (anchor): Ohio is a key state in this crucial election, but The New York Times claims the Republican Party has written off that state as a hopeless cause, leaving the incumbent senator, Mike DeWine, to twist in the wind. But Republicans say that's not the case, the story is not true, and now Senator DeWine sets the record straight. From Ohio, Carl Cameron is back in the Buckeye state, live in Dayton. What do you say, Carl?

CAMERON: Well, Bill, there's just an awful lot of buzz going on in Ohio, as well as across the country, about what exactly the Republican strategy is to maintain the Senate majority. Here in Ohio, the Democratic challenger, Congressman Sherrod Brown from Cleveland, who's been in the Congress for 14 years, has jumped out to a significant lead. The latest Quinnipiac poll says that he is up a dozen points; and a CBS News/New York Times poll that is set to come out later this evening is said, according to folks on the campaigns, to show that Mr. Brown is up 14 points.

All of this in the wake of an article on the front page of The New York Times yesterday that suggested that the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the group of Senate Republicans who amass their money to try to elect Republicans to the U.S. Senate, had pulled the plug on advertising and support for Mr. DeWine in Ohio, effectively throwing him overboard, thinking that his race was a lost cause to Mr. Brown. That prompted tremendous denials from Republicans, who moved aggressively yesterday, holding teleconference calls and reaching out to reporters to say, "Not true, not true." And this morning when we talked to Senator DeWine, the incumbent Republican, a two-termer, who's in this tough, tough race, he was adamant, saying that the Republican Party is behind him and ultimately he believes he's going to win.


CAMERON: And the ground game for Republicans could salvage their protection of both the Senate majority, and potentially in the House as well. It's going to take a tremendous amount of money and work -- that's what the Republicans are gearing up for right now, while The New York Times and Democrats are essentially hoping to demoralize Republicans and take away the energy for the base that Republicans think will protect their majorities.

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