Echoing Fox News, CNN's O'Brien claimed Clinton had "meltdown" during interview with Wallace

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On the September 28 edition of CNN's American Morning, co-host Miles O'Brien described former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani's assertion that former President Bill Clinton did "everything he could" to "prevent the 9-11 attacks" as "[a]nother echo from that Bill Clinton meltdown on Fox." O'Brien was referring to Clinton's interview with Fox News host Chris Wallace that aired on the September 24 edition of Fox Broadcasting Co.'s Fox News Sunday. As Media Matters for America noted, in the days following the interview, Fox News hosts and guests referred to Clinton's behavior as a "complete meltdown," an "angry explosion," a "volcanic reaction," and a "tirade."

From the September 28 edition of CNN's American Morning:

O'BRIEN: Another echo from that Bill Clinton meltdown on Fox. Mayor Rudy Giuliani is chiming in now, coming to Clinton's defense. The former New York mayor said blaming Clinton for failing to prevent the 9-11 attacks is wrong. Clinton says -- or excuse me -- Giuliani says Clinton did everything he could.

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