Beck celebrated Zarqawi death by mocking Islam with "Zarqawi bacon cake"

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On the June 8 edition of CNN Headline News' Glenn Beck, Beck mocked Islam by "mark[ing] the death" of Al Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi with a "Zarqawi bacon cake." In the lead-in to the segment, Beck said eating pork is a "big no-no in Islam." Beck's executive producer, known as "Stu," agreed that the cake was "very tastefully done."

From the June 8 edition of CNN Headline News' Glenn Beck:

BECK: Something tells me that if Zarqawi's expecting to go to heaven with a bunch of virgins, he's in for a little surprise. Call me crazy, but if you've ever beheaded somebody, I think you're going to be spending all eternity in hell spoon-cuddling a naked Jeffrey Dahmer. Not so nice, especially if Zarqawi ever ate pork. Big no-no in Islam. Today -- you know, today I was just trying to see, are we any different than the Palestinians that were handing out cake on the World Trade Center day? The answer is yes, very different. We just nailed a bad guy. We sent Stu, our producer on the radio show, out on the rainy streets of Manhattan to mark the death of Zarqawi with a homemade bacon cake.

STU: Yes, I have a cake right here, as you know.

BECK: Yes.

STU: It says, "Zarqawi bacon cake." And it has a chalk outline, or as you actually -- you did it. It is beautiful.

BECK: Thank you.

STU: It is a frosting cake decorating outline of his body.

BECK: Yeah.

STU: And it was very tastefully done. I appreciate that.

BECK: Thank you. No, it was very nice. Now, you also have a plate -- a side of bacon if anybody wants the bacon.

STU: Yes, Kevin is here. He is holding the bacon right now.


STU: It's a steaming pile of bacon for a side, in case someone wants it.


STU: Excuse me. Excuse me for a second. Hi. All right, so we have -- as you guys know, al-Zarqawi died.

[group cheers]

BECK: I have a feeling we have some cake-takers.

STU: Would you guys like to have some celebration cake?


BECK: OK. All right.

STU: Who's ready for some cake, anybody?

[group cheers]

STU: All right. All right. They're cutting it now. The cameras are there.

BECK: Yeah. Yeah. And they're all hit by a truck.

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